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So, You want to sound like Jaared eh???

Good luck! Many people think that sounding like someone else depends on the mouthpiece and reeds. Although these parameters are very important, the most important thing about someone's "sound" is their airstream, breathing, and embosure. Head angle will change the tone as will the size of the sax players neck and throat. Now that I have finished my sermon, here it goes!

Jaared Arosemena plays a vintage Evette tenor saxophone with a Bobby Dukoff S8 "Silverite" mouthpiece and a stock Dukoff ligature. His reeds of choice are LaVoz Medium Hards or Mediums.

Jaared's Alto Sax Set-Up
Jaared's Soprano Sax Set-Up
Jaared's Wind Synth Set-Up
Jaared's Microphone Set-Up
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