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So, You want to sound like Jaared eh???

The most important things for any sax player to remember when buying a microphone are......What type, (i.e. standard mic, wireless, transducer, etc...), Which name brand, (i.e. Shure, Audio Technica, Samson, Seinheiser, etc...), and for most sax players, PRICE! It is ultimately up to the individual to try out and decide which microphone makes him/her comfortable.

Jaared Arosemena uses the Shure U4/S UHF wireless system with a Shure WM-98 microphone element and a Shure U1 body pack transmitter, (Shure U14S/98), for his sax. His effects processor is a T.C. Electronic M-One. Jaared also uses the Shure PSM-600 UHF wireless in ear stereo monitor system with the Shure E5 in-ear phones, (Shure PSM600/E5). He also uses a Shure ULXP4 UHF wireless system with a Shure ULX2 hand held mic equiped with a Shure Beta 87A mic cartridge, (Shure ULXP24/Beta87A), for his vocals. This system also doubles as an "emergency back-up" system for his Shure UHF U4/S system for his sax by using the ULX1 body pack transmitter.

Jaared's Alto Sax Set-Up
Jaared's Soprano Sax Set-Up
Jaared's Wind Synth Set-Up
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