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*Jaared* 3Keys/Lightyear/WEA Recording Artist

Jaared Arosemena was born January 20, 1967 at Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC. Jaared grew up and went to school in Bedford, VA. He started playing saxophone at age 7 while he was still in elementary school. One of his initial inspirations to play the sax was David Sanborn. He says, "Once I heard David play, I knew right then and there that the saxophone was my calling! I can't possibly think of my life without my music. I need it like I need water or air."

Over the years, time would see Jaared become an all-county, all-state, and all-national player before he would reach his 18th birthday.

In Jaared's senior year of high school, (Liberty High School, Bedford VA.), Jaared was awarded a great honor. He was chosen as 1 of only 100 highschool students nationwide to tour in Europe in 1985. He toured eight countries in a little over 30 days. Some of the countries included Sweeden, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and England.

After his European tour, he then moved back to his birthplace of Washington, DC and immediately started playing live concerts and doing his fair share of studio work in the DC area. Since 1985, Jaared has come to be one of the most "in demand" performers around and has also been consistently named as one of the top three saxophonists in the Greater Washington, DC Metro area.

Jaared's second and NEW cd is entitled "Hang Time" and features the stylings of Peter White, Ken Navaro, Stan Cooper, Nate Smith, Roberto Valley, and Marcus Johnson just to name a few!


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Jaared is currently touring with smooth jazz guitarist Peter White and has performend with Rick Braun, Jonathon Butler, Maysa,(vocalist with Incognito), Najee, Kim Waters, bassist Kevin Walker (formerly of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and currently with Patty LaBell), and drummer Mark Stewart (Jodeci, Patty LaBell, Wilson Picket). Jaared has opened for such wonderful artists as Bobby Caldwell, Fattburger, Spyro Gyra, Norman Brown, and Oletta Adams. In addition, he has co-healined with Boney James, David Sanborn, Gerald Albright, The Rippingtons, Jonathon Butler, Gerald Veasley, Joe Sample, Alfonso Blackwell, Craig T. Cooper, Chuck Loeb, The "Heads Up Superband" (featuring Kenny Blake, Joe McBride, and Gerald Veasley), Slim Man, Brian Culbertson, and the late George Howard. Jaared also had the honor of sharing the stage and performing with legends Wilson Pickett and Stevie Wonder.

In addition, Jaared has played alongside great local artists such as Gary Thomas, Maryann Redmond, Tim Eyermann, Ron Holloway, Lary Seals, Ritmo Junction, Julie Nixon, "Sugar Bear" and Ju Ju House (from the go-go band EU), Vince Evans (formerly of Pieces of a Dream), Greg Boyer and Greg Thomas (of George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars), Gary Grainger (formerly of John Scoefield), Greg Grainger, (formerly of Whitney Houston), Moe Daniels, Jimmy Wilson, and the list goes on and on!!! Jaared Arosemena was also the saxophonist and wind synth player in a contemporary jazz group that won a 1997 "Wammie" award for best contemporary jazz group.

Jaared is quickly becoming the premier saxophonist on the east coast! He is already being referred to as the "Saxmaster of Washington DC" by 95.9 fm "The Coast" in Ocean City, Maryland! If you ever get a chance to hear and see this man perform, then you will agree....Jaared Arosemena is definately the "must see" saxophonist on the east coast!