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Jaared Arosemena moves on to the semi-finals on BET on Jazz's "Jazz Discovery"!

Jaared Arosemena's "live" video of "Hey Jude" won first place on NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL television in competition on BET on Jazz's "Jazz Discovery" on December 18, 1998! Jaared beat out fellow saxophonist Rocco Barbato from Las Vegas, NV. The competition was very close with Rocco Barbato first receiving a 3.7 out of 5, which is an extremely high score for this particular competition! But, Jaared Arosemena comes next and receives a score of 3.8! about close!!! Jaared also received the highest overall score for the entire show!

If you would like to hear and see the results then click here. You must have the "real player" for windows 95 users. If you have windows 98, then you are all set! If you would like to hear an audio version of Jaared's "Hey Jude", just click here to listen! You must have "real audio" capability to listen. If you would like to hear more of Jaared's audio selections, then check out his audio page!

Jaared Arosemena´s video will now move on to the semi-finals which will be taped sometime in January 1999 and will be aired once again on NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL television in either January or February 1999. As soon as we recieve the info, we will post it here asap!

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