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Look at what people have to say about Jaared Arosemena!!!

"Jaared Arosemena has an amazing talent. He is quite possibly the best jazz/blues sax man I have ever heard...and I have heard many greats..." - Barry Nickelsberg - President: Pegasus Music, Inc.

"Jaared Arosemena is one of Washington D.C.'s finest saxophonists..." - Justin Taylor - DJ: "Smooth Jazz" 105.9 WJZW, Washington, D.C.

"Killer sax player..." - Susan E. Mudd - Publisher: Music Monthly Magazine

"Jaared Arosemena is the best saxophonist and performer I have ever seen on video..." - Derek Allen - Program Director: "Smooth Jazz" 97.1 WQJZ, Ocean City, MD.

"There are many who master their chosen craft, but are unable to convey the feeling and emotion in which they play in a live performance. Jaared Arosemena does NOT have that problem!..." - J.B. Bueno - Columnist for "The Local Music Scene" Ocean City, MD. 1997

"Jaared has a lot of emotion in his playing. I honestly don't know how he can play that high. Jaared Arosemena is right in there!" - Walter Beasly - Shanachie Entertainment Saxophonist/Recording Artist.

"His playing is so soulfull......there is just something exciting about Jaared Arosemena." - Danny Weiss - A&R director of Shanachie Entertainment.

"...He had me from the beginning!" - Cherryl Goodman - Exec. Dir. of Arts & Management.

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