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Look at what newspapers and magazines have to say about Jaared Arosemena!!!

"The first time I met Jaared Arosemena I had not yet had the pleasure of seeing him work his saxophone mastery in person. In speaking with him I assumed he was probably a great musician, but I had to wonder whether this mild mannered, soft spoken man had the power and energy on stage as modern sax men like Maceo Parker, Clarence Clemons, or David Sanborn. I mean, there are many who master their chosen craft, but are unable to convey the feeling and emotion in which they play in a live performance. Jaared Arosemena does NOT have that problem! When the band PHUNK 420 took the dimly lit stage one by one recently, Jaared was the final member to arrive onstage as the lights came up. Gut wrenching lows quickly cascaded into delicate fluttering high notes completely in time with frontman Down Pat's immense vocal range. The band quickly pumped into the next barrage of funk/jazz with Jaared leading the way and moving around the stage as he blew jaw dropping solos on his wireless Alto saxophone. Close to an hour later and deep into their two hour show comprised of James Brown, Parliment Funkadelic, Prince, Brothers Johnson and Rick James among some funkafied, jazzy originals I heard the most amazing sax solo I had ever heard and was totaly confused because Jaared was no where to be seen. A couple of minutes later, Jaared emerged from the back of the concert venue and perched himself atop the bar as he made his way back to the stage. Jaared, with his wireless alto sax had walked off stage, walked out the front door, around the back of the venue, and came back in while still playing!!! If THAT'S not dynamic, I don't know what is! Jaared Arosemena has been a session recording artist for the past 17 years and has toured all over the world. If you get a chance to see him play, do not miss it! I guarantee he will not dissapoint!"

Written by: J.B. Bueno - for "The Local Music Scene" magazine in Ocean City, MD. July 1997

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